Black Tea

This is a rich dark tea that is a lot like a little black dress! Indispensable and nice to have on hand. Black tea undergoes processing to fully oxidize the leaf. This oxidization is what allows for the natural and robust flavors to emerge. In the orthodox method of manufacturing, after harvesting and sorting, the leaves undergo the withering step where they are spread in several inch thick layers and allowed to dry, reducing the moisture of the leaf. When the withering process is complete, the leaves are then rolled using modern machinery that rolls, twists, and compresses the leaf. Black tea is allowed to oxidize fully, a process that is carefully controlled and monitored by experienced tea experts. When oxidation is considered complete, the tea is then dried with hot air to stop any further enzymatic breakdown of the leaf. This is one tea that goes well as a latte, just add milk and some Crafted Infused Vanilla Sugar.